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“A loving touch of care for generations”.

Welcome and thank you for your interest in AIM DENTAL AND DIABETIC CENTRE. AIM Hospital – a dream come true of a group of eminent doctors, a renowned and respected name among the medical and social fraternity in the country. It’s our ardent desire to provide you with the highest standards of health care services.  This site is an endeavour to acquaint you with our hospital services and facilities and will help you when you or someone close to you, needs health care in excellence.We offers the best of dental care that you can get anywhere in the world at the most affordable rates. Equipped with the latest technology and doctors trained in advanced dental techniques, the clinic delivers good treatment to the society.

AIM for diabetes dedicated to intensive diabetes management with patients which offers entire diabetes related tests, executive checks; preventive care packages under one roof.We have strived to educate and motivate patients to adopt safest and cost effective therapies, adhering to global and country specific treatment protocols. Our untiring efforts and committed team work has resulted in an incredible flow of patients.We are committed to ensure quality, scientific and evidence based medication without compromising on delivering the best to those who have reposed their faith in us. Let’s together continue our fight against diabetes.

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